CAR’s: Controlled Articular Rotations 

Benefits of CAR’s Exercises: 

– Reduced feelings of pain, aches & stiffness
– Helps mind to body connection
– Teaches you about the state of your body
– Mindfulness practice
– Improved mobility almost instantly
– Improves the health and function of your joints
– Full body movement!

  CARs- Elbows

    CARs- Lumbar Spine

      CARs- Neck


CARs- Shoulder

CARs- Thoracic Spine

CAR’s- Ankle

CARs- Foot

CAR’s- Hips & Quads

CARs- Hips

CARs- Knee

CARs- Wrist

The Importance of why?

Diving into a deeper understanding with Neal, PT.